10 Easy Valentine's Day Craft Ideas for Your Loved One


Whilst a piece of beautiful jewellery, and the obligatory Valentine’s card, are go-tos for showing your loved one that they are appreciated, it’s always fun to do something a little out of the ordinary.

What so many of us value today is time - time to spend on ourselves doing something we love, or receiving a gift that the giver clearly put time into buying or creating. Valentine’s Day crafts, whether given as a ‘craft kit’ for your loved one or undertaken as a token of your love, are a great way to show that special somebody that you care. A craft workshop or workshop voucher is also a wonderful gift - the gift of time to spend doing what you love. You can even both sign up and maximise time spent together!

Craft ideas for Valentine’s Day

Search ‘Valentine’s Day craft ideas’ and you’ll come up with a whole host of inspiration! Here at Coastal Crafts, we know that it’s great to receive something both homemade and full of love. We’ve put together a selection of easy Valentine’s Day crafts, split into ideas for Valentine’s Day crafts for adults, Valentine’s Day crafts for kids, and workshop-based craft activities for Valentine’s Day, to really give you some DIY inspiration this year.

Valentine’s Family Crafting Fun

Once you’ve had kids, Valentine’s Day opens up a little beyond a lovely gift or meal a deux! Valentine’s Day can be a lovely moment for spending time with the family you love, too - and getting little ones to craft something special for their parent is a gift always worth treasuring. On Wednesday 14th itself, you’re welcome to join our Family Crafting Fun Valentine’s Day workshop, over in our Seaton shop. Led by Lucy Hanley of Funflair, you’ll create unique Valentine’s-themed artworks, to treasure.

If you’re looking for something to keep little hands busy at home, have a browse through our huge range of arts & crafts kits and activities - there’s something to suit every passion in here, from applique to crystal art.

Pressed flower art: cards, photo frames, artworks, or coasters

Pressed flowers are a great way to express your love. Illustrative of a love of the natural world as well as a time investment whilst your flowers press, they show a dedication to your gift receiver that they are sure to love. They are also having a revival, and are back on trend - making them the perfect gift to show off around the home. No, your flowers won’t be dry in time for Valentine’s Day this year (they take a few weeks to dry) - but these things of beauty are perfect for gifting to loved ones year-round.

Take the first step by investing in a wooden flower and herb press - so much easier than the DIY approach using a stack of heavy books!

Either added delicately to a decorated card, pressed in a glass frame, or even gently bonded onto a vase or ornament, pressed flower crafts are all the rage - check out some YouTube videos for pressed flower art ideas here:

Pressed Flower Art Ideas


  1. Pressed flower cards and artwork

A handmade card is one thing - but one decorated with dried flowers is another. Taking a few weeks to dry in the press, and the time you’ve invested foraging, cutting, and then finally arranging, your pressed flower card or artwork will be so much more than a card. This year, give a keepsake to treasure.

Follow this tutorial for guidance.


  1. Pressed flower coasters

Take your passion for pressed flowers one step further with this polymer coaster craft. You’ll need about 6 weeks to get this craft done, but what a wonderful outcome.

Kid-friendly Valentine’s crafts

A present from a child on Valentine’s Day feels all the more special. Help a little one express their love, or work together to create something the receiver will truly adore! Personalise a pot with a candle inside, or create some spiral art to frame, inspired by our Kids Craft sets.


  1. Spiral Art

Like the classic spirograph we all enjoyed as kids, this spiral art set allows kids to create attractive, geometric pieces of art on paper. Why not take it further, and transform their piece of spiral art into, for example, giant paper flowers


  1. A hand-painted spiral pot

What could be better than a handpainted plant pot? How about, a plant pot with a hand-poured candle inside? Two crafts in one, and two gifts in one, this is an exciting make for a youngster, as well as being a fab gift to receive. 

Handmade toiletries

An all-natural, homemade indulgence is a lovely gift to receive. A special pampering gift, handmade toiletries are also a great way to enjoy stripped-back cosmetics without all the nasties.


  1. Homemade lip scrub

this homemade lip scrub, courtesy of Julie Blanner is a great way to show someone you care, (and polish up that pucker!), whilst also treating them to some special self-care.


  1. Flower-infused bath salts

What feels more indulgent than a lovely luxurious bath? For flower-infused bath salts, follow this recipe from Elizabeth Rider.


  1. Gardener’s hand scrub

Salve for those hardworking hands, this gardener’s hand scrub from Annier Diamond is indulgent whilst also a great way to look after tired green fingers.

Craft Courses for Valentine’s Day

For anyone with a creative bent, craft courses are a wonderful gift! Whether they’re for your love to have some creative calm to themselves, or you’re planning to embark on them together, time spent crafting is relaxing and restorative.

Browse our collection of Craft Workshops, to find the right fit, or take a look at a few highlights below:


  1. Printing for the eco-conscious

If your other half is both creative and super-environmentally aware, this printing course, using tetrapak, is a novel way to upcycle. It also ends up creating the most beautiful, sophisticated outcomes, as an alternative to drypoint etching.


  1. Furnish with a flourish

Fancy a bit of home improvement? Putting your own taste into your home can be so satisfying. Working individually, or together as a couple, why not choose some special material and learn to create your own lampshade, to perfectly fit your style? You could even undertake this course hand-in-hand with the block printing course, to create a lampshade from material you’ve printed yourself!


  1. Create a special keepsake dish

…for a certain special ring? This incredible video shows how you can make the most beautiful, personal present. But if that is all just a step too far, our beautiful bumblebee ring dishes are a quicker (and just as wonderful) alternative. 

Creating something for your loved one with your own two hands can be truly satisfying - and result in a gift to treasure for a lifetime. Browse the Coastal Craft Collective for inspirational, artisanal gifts, courses, and artworks today.