Handmade Art Jewellery Necklaces

Handmade Art Jewellery Necklaces

Claire Hutchins

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Price is per item and includes VAT. Coastal Craft Collective is an agent selling on behalf of Claire Hutchins.

Hand crafted by Seaton jewellery maker Claire Hutchins. She uses silver and gemstones to handmake each item of jewellery. Each piece is very special and completely unique. 

Claire has been a maker and seller of handmade jewellery for over 20 years. She loves using the never-ending variety and colours of beautiful gemstones. 

We have co-ordinating earrings available for the Silver with Turquoise pendant and Silver Fold Pendant.

Approx sizes - pendant lengths excluding the chains / cords plus  length of the chain / cord / thong.

Gemstones on leather thongs - thong length - adjustable from 44cm to 48cm. Pendant length:

  • Ammonite 2.6cm
  • Amber 3cm
  • Yellow Jasper 3.7cm
  • Zebra Jasper 3.6cm
  • Green Dalmatian Jasper 3.8cm

Gemstones on Cords

  • Rose Quartz 3.8cm, cord 42cm
  • Lapidolite 2.7cm, cord 50cm
  • Blue Tigers Eye 4.5cm, cord 44 to 49cm
  • Agate 5cm, cord 48cm

Silver Leaf on a Ring - 4.8cm, chain 46cm

Silver Leaf on a Wire - 6.5cm, chain 40cm

Silver Heart - 3.5cm, chain 44cm

Sodalite Heart - 4.5cm, chain 46cm

Indian Agate and Turquoise - 5cm, leather thong adjustable up to 68cm

Ammonite on Silver with Moss Agate - 5cm, chain 46cm

Yellow Chalcedony on Silver  - 4.5cm, chain 46cm

Turquoise on Oblong - 4cm, chain adjustable 40cm to 45cm

Folds - 5cm, chain adjustable 40cm to 43cm

Dragonfly - 5.5cm, chain 44cm

Green Malachite with surround - 4.2cm, chain 44cm