Jubes Originals Mosaic Signs

Jubes Originals Mosaic Signs

Jan Daniels

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Beautifully handmade mosaic signs by the very talented Jan Daniels. Her mosaics are made using various pieces of vintage pottery, metal, shell and glass nuggets. Lots of different designs to choose from.  They can be used inside or outside.

Ideal for use as garden signs.

Approx sizes of signs - excludes ropes / chains

Gnome Garden 23cm x 20cm

Bee safe - portrait 8cm x 12cm

Bee Happy green - 18.5cm x 9cm

Bee Happy red - 20.5cm x 4.5cm

Bee Kind  - 17cm x 6.5cm

Bee Mine - 16cm x 8cm

Bee Kind - 9cm x 12cm

At The Beach - 23cm x 10cm

Elves Welcome - 24cm x 19cm 

Jan takes the principles of shaping small coloured pieces of tiles, glass,pottery or tesserae and transforms them into what is a pleasing form of art. Each piece is completely unique.

Jan is very happy to do commissions. She can make items using the designs and colours of your choice. Just email us with an idea of what you want and we'll get a price for you. hello@coastalcraftcollective.co.uk