Handmade Triangular Fabric Bunting

Handmade Triangular Fabric Bunting

Gillian Beckman-Findlay

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Handmade by Gillian Beckman-Findlay of Freespirit Creations in Seaton, Devon.

Choose from a wide range of great quality, beautifully sewn designs and patterns. Only a few of the designs are shown here. There are lots more on display in our shop. If you're looking for something else but can't get into the shop, please contact us and let us know what you're looking for. We'll help if we can.

Made from 100% cotton.

Approx 2.1 metres in length including the ties. Each triangle is approx 14.5cm along the seam and 20cm to tip of triangle. 9 flags per bunting.

If you want a different shape / fabric / length of bunting, we're happy to make to order