Lymelight Glass Studio Handmade Stained Glass

Sue Jones

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Beautifully handmade, stained glass pieces by Sue Jones of Lymelight Glass Studios, Lyme Regis. Each one is different from every other and, if you can't see exactly what you're looking for, Sue's happy to make to order. 

"I'm Sue and I live in Lyme Regis. I was always fascinated by stained glass and so I did a couple of taster courses in Bristol a few years ago followed by a Night School course at Strode College in Street. I then bought a starter kit and started making stained glass from home gradually improving my technique.

I most enjoy using the "Tiffany" copper foil method of making stained glass as this allows you to make pieces of all shapes and sizes and doesn't take up too much space! I love every single piece that I make and each piece is unique. 

If you'd like to try making your own pieces, Sue runs stained glass workshops in the spacious creative area behind our shop in Seaton, Devon.

Approx sizes:

boats - small 7cm x 7cm, medium 10cm x 10cm

small bee - 6.5cm x 8.5cm

small bird - 8cm x 4.5cm

small butterflies - 9cm x 4.5cm

dragonflies - medium 14cm x 14cm, large 23cm x 17cm

small fish - 3cm x 8cm

fish shoals - 19cm x 11cm

large beach hearts - 15cm x 12cm

beach heart hanging - 13cm x 16cm

jellyfish - 9cm x 16cm

half moon - 6cm x 7cm, full moon 7cm x 7cm

robin - 11cm x 7cm

seahorse circle - 17cm diameter plus hanger

stars - small 14cm x 13cm, large 23cm x 23cm

whales - small 9.5cm x 6cm, medium 15cm x 12cm

shells - 12.5cm x 10cm

Moon with hanging sun - 11cm x 14cm

Hare - 18cm x 15cm

Bubble Heart - 15cm x 12cm

Bubble rectangle - 6.5cm x 20cm