Lucky Seagull Poo - Dreya Handmade Fused Glass

Lucky Seagull Poo - Dreya Handmade Fused Glass

Coastal Craft Collective

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Do you have a friend that needs some luck and a laugh, we have the perfect charm! Lucky seagull poo is a tactile fused glass keepsake to keep in a pocket or purse. 

Mounted on 300g card size 7.5cm x 10.5cm charm size approx 2cm 

Each item is handmade and unique so the colours of the glass ornament often vary from the images. if you have a preference, please let us know when you place your order. You'll get an automatic order confirmation so just reply to that with your request.

Handmade in Newquay Cornwall by Dreya.

The Dreya glass studio offers fused glass wall art and and objects of desire.