Hand Decoupaged Worktop Savers

Hand Decoupaged Worktop Savers

Victoria Moorey

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Glass Chopping Boards Hand Made by V 

Using the reverse decoupage method, these glass top chopping boards are beautifully hand made in V’s Seaton studio.  They are decorated on the reverse of the board using the decoupage method  followed by multiple layers of paint & further coats of sealant.  All the work is done on the reverse, leaving the front clean & fully usable for safe food preparation. Four silicone feet finish the board adding to its safety and stability. 

A glass chopping board / worktop saver from Hand Made by V is an essential feature in any food preparation station. It provides a sturdy and convenient place to chop, slice and dice food and ingredients while keeping surfaces clean. The  large surface area offers ample room for chopping, slicing and dicing. Exceptional resistance to heat allows you to rest hot pots and pans without fear of damaging delicate surfaces. Best of all, once the cooking is complete, your board can be simply wiped clean and restored to pristine condition.

Withstanding high temperatures without cracking, this hygienic wipe-clean design resists odours and stains, protecting work surfaces and tabletops from burns.

Size 30cm x 20cm

Cleaning - can be handwashed with soap and water, then immediately towel dried. Do not put in the dishwasher and do not allow it to soak in water.