Glass Relief - Framed Landscape Wave

Glass Relief - Framed Landscape Wave

Coastal Craft Collective

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Handmade Fused Glass Wave

Framed landscape glass wave panels The glass panel is 35cm x 15cm and the frame is 45 x 25cm

This glass panel in a frame illustrates a wave with white wash using low relief and colours to accentuate the motion of the waves and create a dramatic effect. Some parts of the panel are slightly translucent and sandblasted. The sea is in shades of blues and turquoises, the sky is translucent fading into blue with shaped seagulls and the beach is in white and very pale beige.

The box frame is made by a local framer in white with a woody grain.

The moulds are handcarved and the glass is slumped over the mould at temperatures over 800C.

Please be aware that due to the handmade process, each product is uniquely different so you can expect a slight variation in size, glass tint/colour and texture.

Each piece Matthew makes is hand made by himself, from cutting and washing the glass, to carving the moulds and applying the colours.  Each piece is heated in a kiln at a temperature over 800 degrees C and usually takes approximately 20 to 35 hours.  

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