Glass Relief - Dishes

Glass Relief - Dishes

Coastal Craft Collective

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Beautiful 10cm square dishes. Due to the handmade process, there will be slight variations in each item, making them unique.

These little dises can be used for rings on a bedside table, for keys or for a tea light or anything else.

 Ammonite - illustrates an ammonite using low relief and colours to accentuate the design, the colours are fading from turquoise, teal to blue.

Beach -  illustrates the seaside using low relief and colours to accentuate the motion of the waves and create pebbles on the beach with the sea in turquoise.

Paradise - illustrates a beach paradise design using low relief and colours to recreate the foam coming onto the beach and the seabed texture in the the sea with turquoise and blue.

 Glass Relief is passionate about their glass. Established in 2012, Matthew and Estelle have grown their arts and crafts business to sell via galleries, online and at some of the UK's best art shows.

Each piece Matthew makes is hand made by himself, from cutting and washing the glass, to carving the moulds and applying the colours.  Each piece is heated in a kiln at a temperature over 800 degrees C and usually takes approximately 20 to 35 hours.