Glass Relief - Ammonite Panels

Glass Relief - Ammonite Panels

Coastal Craft Collective

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Handmade Fused Glass

Beautiful, unframed glass Ammonite panels.

Square - 22cm x 22cm

Medium 42cm x 22cm

Large 56cm x 26cm

This fused glass panel illustrates an ammonite using low relief, colours and various processes to accentuate the texture of the ammonite. The front of the panel is smooth with the texture being on the underside of the glass creating shadows. The glass slightly translucent, the colours are different shades of blues and turquoises.

Fixings are available - sold separately and priced individually - we recommend 3 per panel. Each fixing is a 2 part fixing, one part to screw into the wall and the second part is to be tighten with an allen key for the panel to slide in and to be tighten again. (Instructions below.)

Due to the handmade process, there will be slight variations in each item, making them unique.

Glass Relief is passionate about their glass. Established in 2012, Matthew and Estelle have grown their arts and crafts business to sell via galleries, online and at some of the UK's best art shows.

Each piece Matthew makes is hand made by himself, from cutting and washing the glass, to carving the moulds and applying the colours.  Each piece is heated in a kiln at a temperature over 800 degrees C and usually takes approximately 20 to 35 hours.  

Fixing InstructionsPlease unscrew the smallest grub screw on the side of the   standoff with the supplied key. The silver fixing will drop out, this piece is to be attached to the wall with a screw. It is counter-sunk to fit to the head of a screw.     Then reattach the standoff by tightening the smallest grub screw. The grub screw at the front is to help to clamp the glass. It can be replaced with short grub screw for a nicer finish, as the glass we are displaying is rather thick.

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