Cynthia Scource Mounted Prints

Cynthia Scource

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Limited prints of original Cynthia Scource paintings.

Approx dimensions including mount: Incoming Tide - 34cm x 44cm, Beer Beach - 56cm x 35cm, Highland Cattle 66cm x 54cm, Harbour Scene at Portleven 61cm x 52cm, Sidmouth 41cm x 42cm, The Cobb, Lyme Regis 52cm x 63cm, Water Gardens 53cm x 71cm, Barbara Jean  Beer 49cm x 40cm, Three Boats 36.5cm x 33cm

Cynthia Scource - "Born and bred in West Dorset, my mother and her father both loved to paint so I grew up in an artistic family encouraged to paint, and have painted on and off all of my life.

Most of my work is produce by using either pastels or acrylic paint.

I like using acrylics in particular because it is possible to get the effects of watercolour painting or that of an oil painting. Sometimes I use a combination of both to achieve the result that I want.

Living in Axminster I am quite close to the sea and go on long coastal walks which give me inspiration for many of my paintings. I also have access to wonderful Dorset and Devon countryside which provide me with a rich source of subject matter. In both locations it is the sky that always has a profound effect on me.

I love painting skies, over the years I have painted many pets for their owners (dogs and cats) and have now developed a love of depicting animals.

I love looking at the work of other artists especially the impressionists but never try to copy there work, I can only paint the way that I see things and admire the great artists like Turner and Monet."