Fairy, Mermaid, Angel & Unicorn Characters

Fairy, Mermaid, Angel & Unicorn Characters

Coastal Craft Collective

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All of these "Believe You Can" characters are Fair Trade

Fairies  approx 14cms height without ribbon.

'Thank you Fairy' reads ' A Fairy gift from............... to you to say a really big Thank you! Wishing you joy in every way - May you have a magical day!'

'Live Love Laugh Heart Fairy' reads 'LIVE every moment, LAUGH every day, LOVE with all your Heart.'

'Mermaid' reads 'Mermaid ................. Mermaid wishes and Starfsh kisses with Love from ................ to you X'

'Birthday Fairy' reads 'I've been sent, on this very special day, especially to you with a little note to say 'Fairy Happy Birthday to...................! With Love and Fairy wishes from ...................

'Believe Fairy' reads ' Believe in yourself, Spread your wings and let the Fairy in you FLY.'

'Friendship Fairy' reads ' I've been sent especially to .................. from .................. to say You truly are a magical friend, I hope our friendship never ends!'

'Dance With Fairies Fairy' reads  'Dance with Fairies, Ride with Unicorns, Swim with Mermaids'.

"Flower Fairies" read Fairy ……………………….. (personalise) ‘Did you see the fairies in the garden? Amongst the flowers and petals they flew. I caught this fairy for you to say If friends were flowers I’d pick you.’

"I LOVE you"  reads 'I LOVE you to the moon and back and to all the STARS beyond.

'Ride With Unicorns Unicorn' reads Ride with Unicorns, Swim with Mermaids, Dance with Fairies, Chase Rainbows’

'Miracles Happen Angel' reads ‘Miracles happen. Never give up, have faith and truly believe.’

Stand Tall. Dream Big Flamingo reads ‘Stand tall. Dream big. You are fabulous!’  Size: 13 cms from top of head to feet.

I nearly fell off my unicorn reads: ‘A friend told me I lived in a Fantasy Land. I nearly fell off my Unicorn!’ Size: 15 cms from top of mane to feet.

 Good Friends are like starts fairy reads: ‘ Good friends are like stars. You don’t have to see them to know they are always there.’

Once upon a time in a magical land not to far away (called Brighton) lived a girl called Louise, who dreamt of creating unique and lovely products which were pretty and pink yet ethical and fairly produced.

She had a 1st class degree in Textile design and over 15 years in design and buying experience for many High Street retailers. She realised there was a gap in the market for gorgeous girly gifts which were ethically made and not mass produced. 

After many back-packing and also business trips to India she had fallen in love with the colour, creative skills and also the people of this magical country and so decided to find a Fair Trade producer in India.

Hope you enjoy our fairies as much as they have enjoyed being created!"