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Here at Coastal Craft Collective, we’re proud to share the results of the hard work people put into our arts and crafts courses and workshops.

From professional craftspeople, to budding artists trying something new, to complete beginners looking to relax and have fun, our classes have something for everybody. 

We’ve collated this gallery below to illustrate what you might hope to achieve in one of our classes, and to inspire your work and fire your creativity for art and craft projects at home. 

Click through to browse the gallery below every subheader to see works created in our courses, by both the participants and the leaders. These should show you what you can achieve when you combine creativity with new skills! This is also an introduction to the work of our various friendly, talented, and experienced workshop leaders, too, to give you a source of inspiration and an idea of what you could achieve with practice! 

Stained Glass

Our stained glass classes teach students all the basics to create the most beautiful pieces. 

From simple geometric plates to Christmas decorations bound to twinkle in the fairy lights, your make is bound to be eye-catching and smile-inducing. Create hanging decorations inspired by nature, or even refined glass art installations based on a wide range of designs. During our classes we offer something achievable for everybody. 

A class taught by a seasoned glassworking professional, this is your chance to try your hand at this technique, and come away with something truly delightful in the process.

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Lino Printing

Whether a gloriously simple nature print or a more complex multi-tonal work, lino printing is so rewarding. Take a simple linoleum tile and carve away a design, before inking up and printing - once or many times. 

Back in fashion due to artists such as Mark Hearld and Angela Harding, naive, nature-inspired lino print artworks are all the rage. Yet they are so unique and personal, shaped precisely by your own vision, that your creativity will be given free rein in our lino printing classes. 

Simple relief prints of seed heads and animals make beautiful cards, and a wonderful memento of a new skill learnt. Linocuts meanwhile create one-off works of art of astounding beauty and complexity. Be led by our expert to truly understand the processes involved. 

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Cyanotype / Sun Printing 

This camera-free technique uses the sun’s light and found objects or overlaid markings, plus iron compound washes, to create stunning cyan-blue and white artworks.  A technique perfect for capturing the beauty of nature and found objects, cyanotype printing is also a great opportunity to be creative and expressive, using different mediums to block out sunlight to differing degrees - creating some spectacular results. 

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Indian Block Printing 

Indian Block Printing has been used to print images, text and patterns for centuries, on both paper and textiles. Using a wide range of high quality carved blocks you’ll learn how to create prints, producing some beautiful and whimsical patterns, colours, and textures along the way. 

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Sea Glass Jewellery

Using unique materials, turned up courtesy of our beautiful and powerful coastline, our sea glass jewellery classes will give you the knowledge to enable you to turn your finds into wearable treasures, for yourself or someone you hold dear. If you have sea glass or pottery you have found and think you may like to use, you are very welcome to bring it along. If not we’ll have plenty for you to choose from. 

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Glass Fusing

We run both adult and children’s classes to teach you the fascinating process of glass fusing. Create miniature scenes, patterns, or names in your glass, for suncatchers and coasters that can be hung or showcased around the home. 

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Lampshade Making & Fairy Light Shades

This is a process which is both fun and useful, truly opening up the possibilities for home decor and design, as you can create a lampshade from the exact fabric you love! Our fairy light shade courses offer that bit more whimsy. Another wonderful touch for the interior design fan (they also make the perfect present), these courses teach you lampshade making on a miniature scale, creating shades for a string of fairy lights.

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Driftwood & Willow

Learn to use these versatile natural materials  in our driftwood and willow workshops.  Quick-growing willow and driftwood gathered from the shoreline create classes with sustainability at their heart, where you can learn any number of skills, from willow weaving to small-scale sculptures.

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In this class, learn the techniques to create a unique picture or pattern from small pieces of tile, glass, and stone. An artform used for millennia for so many different reasons, from flooring to art to storytelling, we help keep mosaic making alive by teaching you the basics of this fascinating skill. From portraits to house numbers to decorations, this fun process creates plenty of fab results to take home.

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Ceramic Painting

In our ceramic painting classes, have fun designing onto a blank ceramic base, in 2D or 3D, to create a wonderful take-home ceramic. From plant pots to Christmas decorations, trinket pots to money banks, you can create something spectacular - or just use the opportunity to take a moment to relax and enjoy painting.

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Family & Children’s Crafts

We believe that arts and crafts are such vital fuel for a curious, growing mind! Our workshops provide plenty of opportunities to learn a new skill, use your imagination, and simply have fun being creative. From creating with clay to decorating tote bags to icing biscuits, our workshops are bags of fun.

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