Claire Moses

Semi Precious Stone Jewellery

I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t creating something. Even as a little girl, I had to be drawing, sewing, knitting or threading beads, nothing has changed! 

Fifteen years ago, my love of semi precious stones, with their countless colours and variations, evolved into designing and making unique, colourful and always tactile jewellery. My childhood bead jar still exists but now there are many boxes of beautiful beads and freshwater pearls. 
I love to work with a rainbow of colours, with my inspiration coming from very diverse sources. However, since moving near the coast in East Devon a couple of years ago from Sherborne, my work is strongly influenced (like many others!) by the ever changing moods and colours of the sea. 
I get immense satisfaction from creating a one off bespoke piece for that unique gift, to match an outfit or for a special occasion. 


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