What is Crystal Art?

Crystal art is a big new trend for crafters worldwide! But what is it? Why would you do it? Read on for the Coastal Craft Collective breakdown…

What is crystal art?

Crystal art, also known as Diamond Art, Diamond Painting,  5d Diamond Painting, or Sequin Art, is a fairly new trend. 

Inspired by paint by numbers, crafters add tiny rhinestone gems in a designated pattern, resulting in a giant sparkly rhinestone picture.

Relaxing and therapeutic, the finished piece of rhinestone art is also a brilliant piece of craft - whether you’re undertaking a crystal card kit and making a card to gift to a loved one, or doing a piece of crystal art to keep for yourself. 

Crystal art cards are a brilliantly thoughtful Christmas card or birthday card, and one that can be kept and framed rather than thrown away. Crystal art kits, similarly, are worthy of keeping - some even come with wooden frames.

It is a hobby that many find highly addictive, and it allows you to turn a meditative crafting activity into a spectacular piece of art.

How do you do crystal art?

Inspired by paint by numbers, you use a magic pick-up pen to add small diamond pieces to a backing sheet with a numbered, adhesive template, where they stick instantly. You’ll create your own work of crystal art.

A piece of crystal art will likely take 5-15 hours to complete on average, depending on the size of the piece of crystal art you’re undertaking. A crystal card, meanwhile, will take more like 30-45 minutes. These smaller crafts are suitable for adults and children alike, from the age of 8 and up. 

What are the benefits of Crystal Art?

The benefits of crystal art tend to fit with the benefits of crafting more generally. Crafting is mindful, peaceful and tranquil; a way to keep your brain occupied whilst simultaneously letting your mind wander. Many find crafting meditative and relaxing. 

The benefits of craft on your mental health are supported by research. The BBC Great British Creativity Test, published in 2019 in collaboration with University College London, found that ¾ of the 50,000 participants surveyed found that creativity could help them block out stress and anxiety. Almost a quarter of participants named some kind of making or crafting as their favourite activity.  That’s the highest participation rate in any arts subject - more than in music, or painting. 

As Kerry Lord, founder of knitting company Toft, noted in this interview with Country Living,

“ Research indicates that the repetitive movements [...] can prompt the mind to relax, the heart rate and blood pressure to fall, and stress levels to drop.”

Research has shown that crafting in whatever medium you choose can actually improve your self-confidence, bolster your mood, and reduce your overall stress levels. It has also been shown to improve your mental agility, both fine and gross motor skills, and to help decrease cognitive decline. A natural antidepressant, it has even been shown to alleviate the symptoms of those suffering from PTSD, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Insomnia and chronic pain. It’s the most fun prescription you’re ever likely to encounter!

Our favourite crystal crafting kits

If you don’t know where to begin, we’ve linked up some of our favourite crystal craft kits below.

The Crystal Christmas card kit is a great way to show someone you love them come Christmas. This is worlds away from scrawling your name in a card; this is a mix of a card and a gift, and is something the recipient can keep forever.

Our Crystal Art kits come in a variety of designs, from peaceful Buddhas to the Titanic, Tits in a tree to a  sunflower field, butterflies to bunnies. Measuring either 30x30cm or 40x50cm, these larger-scale designs result in beautiful, detailed, crystal pictures. They’re a brilliant way to unwind in an evening - and, unlike the crossword, you end up with a brilliant and beautiful final product!

Our Crystal craft notebook kits are another way to create something beautiful which you will use! Alternatively of course it makes a fabulous gift - personal, yet practical. Eac notebook is approximately 26cm x 18cm, and contains 50 lined pages. The crystal images on the front vary in their designs, from beautiful Day of the Dead skull designs to wolves, dragons to owls, flowers to peacocks.

Ready to try some crystal art crafting? Check out the Coastal Craft Collective website today, to see all of our wonderful crystal art kits, and the plethora of other wonderful arty offerings onsite.