The best craft kits for adults

We all know that crafting can be a great excuse to spend some quiet time - zone out, unwind, and get creative. Craft kits are a great way to streamline the process, too. When you don’t have an unlimited amount of time, it’s extra handy that everything you will need for your craft is already right there in front of you; there’s no need to trawl the internet for bits of felt and extra glue - you’ll know exactly what’s included so you can get straight down to crafting.

Craft your Christmas

Few gifts are appreciated as much as those made by hand. If you need a little help and inspiration along the way, look no further - these craft sets put you on track to create Christmas gifts that will conjure whoops of delight.

Sewing & Embroidery Kits

These Corinne Lapierre Mini Sewing and embroidery Kits offer gorgeous designs to create a new handmade friend.  Choose between the festive-feeling Polar Bear, Embroidered Robin, Christmas Pudding, or Penguin. Alternatively, opt for a character without a festive theme. Plump for one of a plethora of characterful little animal designs brought to life, such as the happy little Mr Cat Mechanic, quiet Little Miss Mouse, or the plump and friendly-looking Marcel the Sailor.

Gift the experience of ‘making your own’ - or make the gift yourself. You don’t have to be an expert crafter; this gift is suitable for crafters aged 8+ of all abilities looking to give a special gift.

Festive Felt Decorations Book & Felt Bundle

An exciting new festive installment from ultimate crafter Corinne Lapierre, this Festive Felt Decorations Book & Felt Bundle is the ultimate in adult festive fun crafting! Buy it now and get inspired for make-your-own festive gifts or decorations, or give this set to someone you know with an eye for festive crafting - it’ll be just the thing. Twenty fantastic new festive designs provide felted characters with which to decorate your tree, mantelpiece, and home, or attach to your gift bags for an ultimately unique touch.

Craft your own Cards

These Mouseloft Christmas Stitchlets Cross Stitch Kits provide fun festive designs to help you craft your own cards! Choose from a plethora of Christmas capers, from a campervan collecting a Christmas Tree to a festive Santa to a Robin to a Gnome - there’s even a unicorn in a Santa hat!

Crystal Art Christmas Cards

Inject a little glitz and glam into your Christmas crafting with these Christmas / Winter Crystal Art Card Kits. No one can accuse you of anything old-fashioned here, with these gem-covered Wintery scenes. This addictive hobby, also called diamond art, has a ‘paint by numbers’-type method, where you affix gems based on a numbered adhesive template. Spend a therapeutic afternoon crafting (one card takes 30-45 minutes to complete) and end up with a beautiful labour of love card, a really special festive favour for a friend or loved one.

Inspired giving

Giving someone the gift of a craft kit is giving them an excuse to spend some time for themselves, being creative, and having fun. Moreover, they’ll hopefully have a fun craft item to keep at the end of it all!

Needle Felting Kits

With everything you need to create the felted design on the box, these Needle Felting Kits are a great introduction to this addictive craft. Choose from a range of fun felting makes, from a cute sleeping badger to a curious little red squirrel - or even a snowman!

Speedy Flower Press

This Large Clay Microwaveable Flower and Herb Press fast-forwards the usual flower pressing process by using clay sheets in the microwave. The whole process takes 1-2 minutes (depending on the thickness of the flowers), rather than the weeks it takes using the traditional method. With dried flowers very much on-trend, this is a gift to delight all ages.


Classics of the craft kit, textiles often make for plush and personal little gifts, whether for yourself or for gifting to your nearest and dearest. Below are some of our favourites.

Corinne Lapierre Linen Lavender Bags Embroidery Kits

One of the classiest of all the makes, this Corinne Lapierre lavender bag kit provides everything you’ll need to create four gorgeous lavender bags. With the materials recycled and recyclable where possible, and everything sourced in the UK (besides the lavender, from a Provencal cooperative!), these are a really thoughtful gift - either for you to create yourself and gift (they are easily monogrammed, making for an extra-thoughtful present) or as a gifted set for another.

Knit your own toys

These days, unicorns and dragons are kids’ absolute favourites. Impress a small friend or family member, or adorn your own home, with these knit-your-own unicorn or dragon sets. What could be a better gift than a favourite toy, cherished throughout childhood?

Small-scale DIY projects

You don’t have to be a dab hand with a drill or handy with a hammer to engage with some of these DIY sets. Follow simple instructions and end up with something beautiful - and useful, too!

Make your own Insect House

Nurture that passion for nature, whether in yourself, a friend, or a child. This Make your own Insect House project is an easy excuse to get outside, for those big and small. Reminding us of the importance of every aspect of nature, from the biggest elephant to the smallest ladybird, this insect hotel makes a great and protected habitat for the aforementioned ladybirds, solitary bees, and plenty of other insect life.

This easy-to-build DIY project was recognised, in 2011, by the Giftware Association, as the winner of the children’s gift award. But whether your intended recipient is old or young, they are bound to enjoy crafting this simple DIY project and enjoy the long-lasting positive impact it has on their local environment.

Paint your own Birdhouse

What could be more fun than a personalised paint-your-own birdhouse for any avian visitors to your garden? This is a great project for grown-ups wishing to create something a bit personal but is even more fun to complete with smaller crafters who will really enjoy putting their own creativity to work here.

There’s no reason that the kids should have a monopoly on crafting and all of its inherent benefits! We think adults should be allowed to set their creativity free, and we hope that this collection of Coast Craft Collective craft kits will inspire you to do so.