How crafting can help your child’s development


There’s a reason that crafting is such a big part of what happens at nursery and early years schools - and it’s not just that it’s really fun! Arts and crafts can be some of the most important ways in which you can help your child develop and grow, in all sorts of different ways.


Crafting gives children an outlet for their creativity. It allows them to explore and try out new ideas, think in new ways, and let their imaginations run wild. 

Developing your child’s creativity isn’t just about honing a talent for drawing or painting - although that might happen along the way! Creativity is great for general health and wellbeing. 

Allowing a child to be creative also allows them to express themselves in a new way. This promotes emotional stability by letting them express their feelings in a safe and productive way, finding a new way of coping with their emotions. 

Motor skills

Using craft materials like crayons, pencils, paintbrushes or chalks all help to develop a child’s fine motor skills. When they start using both hands at the same time, for example when cutting and glueing things down, this also helps their coordination. 

Developing your child’s fine motor skills will help them to be able to do any tasks which involve small, controlled movements, such as tying their shoelaces, buttoning up their clothes and writing. 


Craft projects are a great opportunity for your child to learn new vocabulary as they work with new materials, colours, textures and images. 

A child can develop language and communication skills by describing and answering questions about their art. Asking lots of questions about their choices as a child works on a project can be a great way of encouraging this development, whilst also supporting them in their thinking as they make plans and decisions about their crafts. 


When a child is engaged and entertained by what they are doing, they are much more likely to stick with it. The process of crafting something exciting and fun can help a child learn to maintain their focus on one activity for long periods of time. 


Crafting can help children to develop patience and self-regulation skills as they have to wait for paint or glue to dry, or to wait their turn to use a certain pen or paint. This can also help to reinforce the importance of sharing. 


The process of creating something out of nothing can give children a huge sense of achievement, allowing them to feel proud of their work and, crucially, themselves. This can help to develop confidence and self-esteem. Displaying what they make afterwards is a great way of encouraging this sense of pride as they can look at it and remember what they achieved. 

Whether you’re looking for a crafting kit or a class or workshop to get you started, at Coastal Craft Collective we’re here to help you and your child to get into crafting and all the benefits that come with it.