Wooden Insect Hotels

Wooden Insect Hotels

Coastal Craft Collective

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Bug Hotel / Bee Hotel / Insect House

These insect hotels come In colourful designs ad are the perfect little place for the creepy crawlies in your garden to spend the night!  

They come in different sizes, approx:

Small - 15cm x 8cm x 20cm

Large - 22cm x 9cm x 26cm

Tall / Slim - 26cm x 13cm

Hexagonal - 23cm x 23cm

Insects are vital to achieve a balanced ecosystem in our gardens. Some insects help to control aphids e.g. ladybirds. Bees are vital  as they pollinate the food we need and  also many of the trees and flowers that provide habitats for wildlife. 

You can encourage different insects into your garden by providing flowering plants, nesting sites and refuges.

Among other insects, solitary bees like to use insect hotels. They collect pollen into the bamboo tubes, then lay their eggs and cover them up with more pollen. After the eggs hatxh, the pollen creates food which gives the bee the energy to fly out.

 To attract bees, hang the insect hotel in a sunny spot. If possible, it should be positioned near flowering plants