Simon Drew Packs of 20 Postcards

Simon Drew Packs of 20 Postcards

Coastal Craft Collective

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Booklets of 20 Simon Drew postcards.

Postcards are approx 12cm x 16.5cm. The back is separated into two areas - one for a message and one for the address.

About Simon Drew

Simon Drew opened his Dartmouth gallery in 1981 and will continue to produce his unique (and some say quirky) drawings for a long time to come. The humour and wit of his pun illustrations is well known and his books of illustrated nonsense verse testify to this.

However, there is also a more serious side to his work. The drawings that remain in their original form (rather than those produced for greetings cards and other products) are graphic representations of his idiosyncratic view of the world.

Simon is a trained zoologist and much of his work features wildlife, but a creature might be depicted in an unusual environment or with bizarre accoutrements – whilst otherwise staying faithful to the basic anatomy of the animal.

A strong influence on his approach to art has been Paul Klee, agreeing with that artist’s stated aim of “trying not to reproduce the visible but to make visible”.

Simon is nevertheless a self-declared humourist – describing himself as “half artist, half wit” (ever the keen punster.) He has a sharp sense of the absurd and loves to create incongruous images, but tries not to resort to simple caricature.