The Sardine Tin Titanium Quartz pendants

The Sardine Tin Titanium Quartz pendants

Lucy Stone

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Titanium Quartz pendants - singles or triples, handmade by Seaton based artist, Lucy Stone. Chains - approx 60cm antiqued brass.

Lucy says - Titanium or rainbow quartz is a natural quartz crystal which has been manufactured by bonding titanium oxide onto its surface, creating beautiful permanent colours in all the shades of the rainbow which won’t rub or wash off.  All my titanium necklaces are on antiqued brass chains with complementary findings, they come in either single or triple crystals.

I started making polymer clay miniatures in my spare time for fun, I took art and textiles at A level and generally enjoy being creative. I've always had a fondness for crystals and fossils and have an ever growing personal collection, but wanted to combine my love of polymer clay, making and crystals. This led to following artists on various sites then finally jumping into it myself.