Tashka Naturals Felted Soaps

Tashka Naturals Felted Soaps

Karen Treble

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Handcrafted natural soap made on the edge of the Blackdown Hills.

  • inspired by the love of nature and the desire to reduce the impact of plastic in our environment
  • Natural ingredients provide skincare benefits
  • No hardening or synthetic skin drying chemicals, these glycerine rich products gently enrich and nourish your skin
  • felted soaps offer the additional advantage of naturally exfoliating your skin with anti-bacterial properties
  • 100% merino wool fibres shrink with the soap and leave you with a small, compostable wool ball
  • Do not remove the felt before use - just remove any embellishments

The soaps are either fully covered in felt or have felt on the back.

Tashka products are fully licensed