Silk Painting Kits

Gillian Beckman-Findlay

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Price is per item and includes VAT. Coastal Craft Collective is an agent selling on behalf of Gillian Beckman-Findlay.

We sell silk paint & palette kits and a wide range of sun catcher and card designs to decorate. 

The paint & palette kits are sold separately i.e. for a complete silk painting kit you will need to order a paint & palette set for £12.50 and then select the card(s) / sun catcher(s) you want. They are £5 to £11 each. The paint set has enough paint to paint several cards or sun catchers.

The silk paint and palette kit contains:
  • 8 x 20ml bottles of silk paint 
  • Colours : red, yellow, blue, green, black, brown, purple and pink
  • 1 x fine tip paint brush
  • 1 large plastic paint palette

The sun catchers are stencilled silk templates stretched onto a round frame.

Large sun catcher diameter 20cm 

Small sun catcher diameter 15cm

Wooden frames - 19.5cm diameter including the frame, approx 18cm excluding the frame

The cards are stencilled silk templates with a tri-fold white card.

We have a wider selection of sun catchers and cards for silk painting in our shop.


To Use Silk Paint

Use sparingly as this paint is semi permanent. 

No water is needed other than to clean your brush between colours.

To make your design permanent cover your design with some greaseproof paper and set with a hot iron.

Apply a small amount of paint in the centre of the area you want to paint. The paint will automatically start spreading to the outer edges. If it hasn’t spread enough apply another dot of paint in the same place and wait for it to spread and fill the whole space.

If you use too much paint in a space it will overflow so use sparingly. Remember you can always add paint but you can’t take it away.

If you want to achieve a paler colour first paint the area you are working on with water. Then dip the end of your brush into the paint and dot the colour around. Next using your brush move the colour around the damp silk and you will see the colour disperse and become paler.
Continue working on the area with your brush until the colour is to your liking. Don’t be heavy handed with the silk paint as you can always dot in some more paint to achieve a darker colour.

If you'd like to come in and get some help getting started, you can do silk painting at any of our craft club or holiday drop-in crafting sessions.