Blue Shed Ceramics Porcelain Seashore Hangings

Katy Tunstall

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Seashore design on porcelain with rope for hanging it up.

2 piece - the hanging is in 2 parts joined together with rope

Ammonite - approx 25cm x 14cm

Star Fish - approx 28cm x 14cm

Each piece is unique and so may vary slightly from the image.

Blue Shed Ceramics,- handmade porcelain and stoneware made by Katy Tunstall based in Charmouth in the heart of the Jurassic Coast.

Katy makes decorative work in porcelain and stoneware, producing vases and bowels by hand from slabs of clay. Katy has particular interest in surface design and especially the use of printing techniques onto clay - sometimes imprinting organic matter directly but she also uses screen printing to transfer images of trees, seedheads, grasses and birds to her pieces.

As Katy lives on the coast she is frequently inspired by patterns made by seaweed, pebbles, fossils and driftwood.