Pageant Pewter Bookmarks

Pageant Pewter Bookmarks

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Expertly hand crafted pewter bookmarks

The perfect gift – these beautiful book marks feature highly detailed pewter pewter motifs.

Once placed between the pages, the design is presented over the spine of the book, enabling the book to be put back in place on the shelf. Unlike other metal designs, the flattened stems ensure that no damage is caused to the page.

Pageant pewterbookmarks are made from the finest grade of English Pewter. Hand made with finely detailed pewter designs. 

About Pageant Pewter

Established in 1997, our family business continues to grow as we remain true to our guiding principle of producing “… quality that everyone can afford!”

We’re proud to say that all of our products are handcrafted by us here in the UK using the finest grade of lead free, English pewter.

Take a moment to view our range. We believe that you’ll be impressed by the detailed clarity of our designs and the quality of our finish. So many perfect gifts!