Made by Caroline Recycled Aluminium Jewellery

Made by Caroline Recycled Aluminium Jewellery

Coastal Craft Collective

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Caroline's jewellery is handmade with reclaimed 1mm thick aluminium, so as well as being environmentally friendly, is also lightweight and doesn't tarnish. The items are bright silver in colour and reflect the light beautifully.

Ear fittings are silver.

The necklaces come with 45cm / 18" chains

Approx dimensions:

For comparison, the brown cardboard backing is 5.5cm x 8.5cm

Brooch widths:

  • Flying Bird - 4cm
  • Cat - 5cm
  • Dog - 4.5cm
  • Elephant - 4cm
  • Fox - 5cm
  • Running Hare - 5.5cm
  • Hedgehog - 4.5cm
  • Seagull - 7cm

Pendant widths:

  • Running Hare - 7.5cm
  • 2 Cats - 9cm
  • 3 Birds - 7cm

Earring drops:

  • Long hearts - 3.5cm
  • Fat hearts - 3cm
  • Hearts & Beads - 3.5cm
  • Rectangle - 4cm
  • Triangle - 3.5cm
  • Pointed Ellipses - 4.5cm

A small creative business based in St Ives, Cornwall. In her seaside studio, Caroline uses reclaimed aluminium, resin and unusual items to hand make eco-friendly, sustainable jewellery.

"I trained as an apprentice jeweler in Baker Street London before working on craft pages on magazines. Moving to Cornwall and becoming self employed has given me the chance to express my own creative ideas and experiment with interesting materials.

My current range is made using 1mm thick aluminium. I hand cut my designs with a piercing saw, file and hammer the metal to create pendants, brooches , bracelets and earrings. The finished pieces look like silver but will not tarnish and are very purse friendly. The metal is also very light so perfect for big earrings and chunky brooches."