Macrame Knot & Loop Necklaces - ONLINE WORKSHOP

Macrame Knot & Loop Necklaces - ONLINE WORKSHOP

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Leader: Lyndsey Harvey / Crafting with Blooms by Lyndsey

This is an online workshop. The materials are posted to you and the tutorials are  delivered by email link. 

Try the simple and fun craft of macrame. You will receive, by post, all the materials you need to make two macrame necklaces in two different designs. The only equipment you will need is a pair of scissors and sticky tape or clipboard to hold your work in place whilst you tie your knots.

There are online 'how to' video tutorials showing you how to make both styles of necklace. Lyndsey will send you a link to the video and the password to access it. 

The workshop is perfect for macrame beginners.

The colour cord choices for first style of necklace, the two colour knot necklace are shown in photo 3. From top to bottom the colours are:

- White/Silver Strand and Dusty Pink
- Purple and Mint Green
- Laurel Green and Blush Pink/Gold Strand
- Terracotta/Gold Strand and Avocado Green/Gold Strand
- Mustard and Peacock Blue/Gold Strand
- Maroon/Gold Strand and Peacock Blue/Gold Strand

The colour choices for the second style of necklace, the loopy necklace are shown in photo 4 from top to bottom thr colours are:

- Cream with Rainbow Specks
- Mint
- Purple
- Peacock Blue with Gold Strand
- Maroon with Gold Strand

Please select a colour choice for necklace style 1 and a colour choice for necklace style 2.

The cord is made from recycled cotton and is 5mm in thickness.

The completed macrame knot two colour necklace is approximately 50cm in length but you can make a shorter choker style necklace. The loop necklace is approximately 45cm in length.

In the materials pack you will receive enough cord to make one of each style of necklace.

* Please note only the materials will be sent to you by post, a link to a the 'how to' instruction videos will be emailed to you.