Handmade Macrame Bracelets

Handmade Macrame Bracelets

Coastal Craft Collective

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Handmade Friendship Bracelets

Macrame knotted friendship bracelets with beads & charms. Also known as woven surf bracelets.

The macrame bracelets are made by Nicol in Sidmouth with love and care.They came in adjustable sizes. The materials used are satin nylon cord with 1.5 mm in diameter and lots of different charms.

Each bracelet / pair of bracelets is supplied on cardboard printed with appropriate or explanatory words to match the design.

Tree of Life - this is seen to represent personal growth, beauty and strength. A trees's branches grow upwards to the sky and strengthen, We too grow stronger, looking for greater knowledge, new experiences and wisdom throughout our lives. 

Evil Eye Protection - the symbol of an eye. It is regarded as a potent amulet for protection against evil forces in many countries and cultures of the world. It dates back around 5,000 years. Wear it to keep your life balanced and bring good luck to you.

Nicol was originally from Hungary and now makes her home in Sidmouth. She has two sons and loves creating unique gifts.