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David McCracken

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From an original by David McCracken.

Approx 25.5cm x 30.5cm

David was born in Glasgow.  As a boy, David got in trouble for missing school and going to the local Kelvin Hall Art Gallery & Museum, to draw the animal and bird exhibits and view the paintings on display.  To this day no visit back to Scotland is complete without a visit back to the Art Gallery & Museum.

At the age of 12, David moved from Glasgow to London and at school enjoyed art, geography (because he could draw) and history (because he could draw).  David studied art to ‘A’ Level and wanted to be a cartoon artist but that opportunity never came his way.
A career in logistics resulted in him and his family moving to Sidmouth, Devon over 25 years ago, where he still lives.

A few years ago, the local sea and landscape resulted in David picking up a paintbrush again.  David has since developed a style that combines watercolour with other media.