Jurassic Coast Jewels Seaglass & Silver Earrings

Louise Fuller

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All the shell and fossil jewellery has been made from original shells and fossils found by Louise Fuller on the beaches of the Jurassic Coast.


The little stars are crinoid fossils. Crinoids are animals that look like water-plants because they are attached to long stems, but are actually relatives of the starfish. The originals were also found on a beach near Weymouth, Dorset, so they come from the Middle Jurassic Period and are 140 million years old. The stars have different patterns on their surfaces. This shows that they are all different species.

The sea glass is from Lyme Regis, Dorset.  All earring posts and hoops are sterling silver.  The crinoid stars are 99.9% pure silver. 

 The technique is to find a beautiful fossil or shell, make a mould of it, then use precious metal clay to make a replica. The replicas are a bit smaller than the originals, because the clay shrinks when it is in the kiln. 

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