Jubes Originals Mosaics on Branches / Thongs

Jubes Originals Mosaics on Branches / Thongs

Jan Daniels

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Beautifully handmade mosaics by the very talented Jan Daniels of Jubes Originals. Her mosaics are made using various pieces of vintage pottery, metal, shell and glass nuggets.

Approx Dimensions (without hooks / thong)

Small creatures on branches  12 - 13cm x 7 - 8cm,     squirrel  10cm x 8.5cm

Medium creatures on branches 15cm x 11cm

Lots of different designs to choose from. Jan takes the principles of shaping small coloured pieces of tiles, glass,pottery or tesserae and transforms them into what is a pleasing form of art.

Jan can also do commissions.