Hanging Beaded Decoration Craft Kits

Hanging Beaded Decoration Craft Kits

Gillian Beckman-Findlay

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Make your own unique beaded decorations with our kits. We sell the wire shapes, beading wire and ribbon in one kit and the beads separately so you can choose the bead colours you want to use or, if you already have beads, you can just buy the shapes.

The video instructions for this craft kit will be available shortly. Once you have ordered the video, we will send you an email link to it.

The wire shape craft pack contains:

  • One set of wire shapes of you choice
  • A length of small gauge beading wire
  • A small piece of ribbon

Wire shapes - you can chose from :

  • Bird and two small flowers
  • Butterfly and two small flowers
  • One large and two small flowers
  • One large and two small Primitive Hearts
  • A crescent moon with one large and one small cloud

Bead colour choices:

  • Spring (reds, yellows, oranges and clear)
  • Summer (pinks, purples, white and clear
  • Aqua (blues, greens, turquoise and clear)

You will also need :
  • A pair of pliers or scissors to cut the wire
  • A beading mat ( a piece of felt would work just as well)