Holly Botanic Aromatherapy Oils

Holly Botanic Aromatherapy Oils

Coastal Craft Collective

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Holly Botanic is a range of natural , handmade and herbal products designed to help you be your best self.

Natural, aromatic oils with health & wellbeing benefits in handy rollerball bottles - 10ml.

Insect - Thyme & Tea Tree - This blend has insect repellant qualities, soothes pain and itching from bites and stings and also helps avoid infection, with its antibacterial properties.

Concentration - Rosemary & Black Pepper - Inhale the aroma to aid concentration and memory and to support mental clarity. This blend is ideal for people who are studying or revising, those in high pressure situations or anyone feeling mentally fatigued.

Sleep - Lavender & Frankincense - The soothing aromas relax and calm while encouraging a deep sleep.