Handmade Wooden Winter Cottages

Handmade Wooden Winter Cottages

Rebecca Plant

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Made by Rebecca Plant of Coastal Crafts in Dorset.

Approx height excluding "nail chimney"

Large green cottage - 2 trees  13cm

Large light blue cottage - 1 tree   9.5cm

Large light blue cottage - 2 trees   8cm

Medium green cottage - tree & snowman 7cm

Medium blue cottage - tree & snowman   7.5cm

Small cottage - tall blue, tree & snowman  7cm

Small cottage - pale blue, blue roof   6cm

Small cottage - pale blue cottage & roof   5.5cm

Small cottage - pale blue cottage, green base  5cm

Small cottage - blue cottage, white base   4.5cm

Small cottage - blue cottage, pale blue base & roof 4cm