Hand Decoupaged Oyster Shells - Made by V

Hand Decoupaged Oyster Shells - Made by V"

Victoria Moorey

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Natural oyster shells fully cleaned & decopauged.

The shell edges are painted in gold leaf and the reverse left as the natural shell. The inside of the shell is first painted with an opalescent paint and then decopauged. Finally the inside and gold rim are sealed with two coats of hard coated resin.

As these are a natural product shell sizes will vary and will have natural blemishes which add to the uniqueness of each shell.

They are the perfect place to pop your rings and other pieces of jewellery or as a beautiful unique ornament. You can also put them outside if you want to.

Although the shells are fully sealed we don’t recommend that you put them in a dishwasher. To clean wash with warm soapy water.

Sizes stated are approximate.

Victoria Moorey lives in Seaton with her husband. Vic moved to the south west 16 years ago where she followed her passion for growing vegetables. After taking a few years out travelling she returned to Seaton & joined the Coastal Craft Collective team.