Fused Glass Sea Design Pocket Pebbles

Fused Glass Sea Design Pocket Pebbles

Karen Curnock

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These beautifully smooth, fused glass pebbles are created by Seaton artist Karen Curnock. Every one is unique as is the sea that inspired them.

The inspiration for these little pocket pebbles is the way the sea changes from day to day depending on the light and the weather - to be able to carry around in one's pocket a little pebble that calls to mind the mood and impressions of the different colours and depth.

They are made by fusing several layers of sea-coloured glasses into a solid piece which is then cut into smaller pebble-sized chunks. These pieces are then turned on their edge and fused again so that the layers swirl and merge into different patterns.  They encourage a sense of mindfulness as one ponders the colours and patterns and the way the light reflects off and shines through them.

I've been creating with glass for about 10 years now since I retired and am constantly learning new ways of working with and using glass. A display of fused glass pieces in a gallery caught my eye and started me down the road of learning how to cut glass, design individual pieces and fuse then in a kiln. My inclination is always for creating something new and there are so many different techniques that it is possible never really to repeat oneself. Each piece is unique and is like creating an artwork except that one is working with sharp, solid glass rather than paints. I make useable items such as bowls and coasters, 

It is lovely to use sea-worn glass found along our beaches to make jewellery, mosaics and other craft items, but fusing them together is not advisable because they may well not be compatible in the kiln.