Fabric Weaved Baskets - 13/10

Fabric Weaved Baskets - 13/10

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 Leader: Gillian Beckman-Findlay

Duration:   2 to 4.30pm 

Venue: Coastal Craft Collective, 10 Marine Place, Seaton, Devon, EX12 2QL

 There will be some of you that will be pleased to hear that this workshop involves no sewing!!! Yes! I said no sewing!!! 😀

I will be providing pre-cut and pre-prepared fabric strips. So all you will need to do is chose the 20 strips you would like for your basket. Sounds so easy doesn’t it! But will probably be the most difficult bit!!! 🤣😂

We will then all work together to weave our baskets step by step.

No specific crafting skills are needed for this workshop.

I promise there will be some stunning fabric to chose from!!!

This would make a lovely present for someone. They really look pretty impressive when they are finished!

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