Christmas Hanging Hoops

Bluebell Love

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Handmade in Devon by Bluebell Love. Approx 11cm diameter.

From my small studio in Dartmoor, I busily hand print my own fabric designs on to 100% cotton and sew them into unique home accessories and gifts. 

I love watching my fabric ideas evolve into their final products. The process starts with rough drawings in my notebook that I then carve out of Lino to create individual stamps. These stamps are then repeatedly used to create the overall fabric design. I love experimenting with colours at this stage, transforming the plain white cotton and seeing my fabric ideas come to life.

The process that I use to make my fabrics and the fact that a stamp rarely prints the same way twice is what makes every finished item unique and individual. I even print my own labels to bring that extra touch of handmade love to every one of my hand sewn products.