August Holiday Crafting

August Holiday Crafting

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Price is per item and includes VAT.

Leader: Coastal Creatives

Duration:      90 mins to 2 hours, start time stated with each date

Venue: Coastal Craft Collective, 10 Marine Place, Seaton, Devon, EX12 2QL

Come and join us for some family crafting fun. Book your slot and get creative. There's something for everyone!

This is a lovely opportunity to share a enjoyable creative  experience with your children or grandchildren . We're happy for older children to be left unaccompanied as long as we can get in contact with you if we need to.

We'll have a number of crafting activities on offer. They will include:

  • Ceramic painting - choose from our selection of coastal, outdoor and natural themed bisques. Then decorate them in your own unique style!
  • Sand Art - again with a wide selection of themes, sand art is ideal for all ages and you'll be amazed at the pictures you can create!
  • Decopatch - a highly absorbing and creative way to decorate everyday items and turn them into something new! We'll have a selection of shapes, boxes, bottles and jars available.

The £10 cost includes a maximum of 

  • 1 standard ceramic + 1 sand art + 1 decopatch item OR
  • 3 sand arts + 2 decopatch items OR
  • 3 decopatch items

You can do additional items and / or larger ceramics at a small additional cost.

Crafting gives children an outlet for their creativity. It allows them to explore and try out new ideas, think in new ways, and let their imaginations run wild. Developing your child's creativity isn't just about honing a talent for drawing or painting - although that might happen along the way! As well as being great fun, creativity is great for general health and wellbeing.