Ceramic Paints & Ceramics for Painting

Ceramic Paints & Ceramics for Painting

Coastal Craft Collective

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Ceramic Tealights, Money Banks & Mini Planters to decorate and Ceramic Paint Set

Everything you need to paint a ceramic tealight holder, money bank or mini planter except a paint brush.

Nassau Fine Art Ceramic Paint Set. These paints are perfect for decorating porcelain, china or glass. The pack contains 4 colours - yellow, blue, green & red. Use as they are or mix them together to make the colour you want.

The ceramics for painting are sold separately (UNPAINTED) so you can buy them with or without the ceramic paints set They can be decorated with acrylic paints, porcelain paints, Posca pens. (Paint in a pen) or felt tips. We recommend varnishing them after painting to protect them and improve the finish.

Money bank - each comes with a removable plastic stopper. Money slot 35mm x 5mm. Plug base 35mm diameter.

We have lots more ceramics to choose from in our shop - or you can come to one of our drop-in crafting sessions and paint them.

Approx  Dimensions:

Piggy Bank 8cm long x 7cm wide and 7cm high

Camper Van Money Box 10cm long, 5.5cm wide and  7cm high   

Beach Hut Money Box 6cm long x 6.5cm wide x 9cm high

Unicorn Money Box 13cm long x 6cm wide x 13.5cm high

Dinosaur Money Box 9cm long x 8cm wide x 12.5cm high

Toadstool Money Box 9.5cm diameter wide x 12.5cm high

Mermaid Money Box 8cm wide x 8cm long x 13cm high

Lighthouse Money Box 6.5cm diameter at bottom x 12.5cm high