Arm Knitted Pom Pom Lap Blanket - ONLINE WORKSHOP

Arm Knitted Pom Pom Lap Blanket - ONLINE WORKSHOP

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Leader: Lyndsey Harvey / Crafting with Blooms by Lyndsey

This is an online workshop. The materials are posted to you and the tutorials are  delivered by email link. 

Try the fun and easy craft of arm knitting and create a super soft lap blanket, with pom pom ends.
You will receive a 1.2kg ball of mammoth giant chunky acrylic, Woolly Mahoosive yarn and 4 ready made pom poms by post.
We will email you a link to  the tutorial videos. They guide you through step by step, showing you how to create your blanket and therefore, the workshop is perfect for arm knitting beginners.

Your finished blanket will measure approximately 110cm x 65cm. There are two colour yarns available for your blanket - grey or teal - and three different pom pom colours - grey, teal or mustard (shown in the final image). Please select the colours you would like.

* Please note only the materials will be sent to you by post, a link to a the 'how to' instruction videos will be emailed to you.