African 100% waxed cotton fabric

African 100% waxed cotton fabric

Coastal Craft Collective

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Price per metre
- 100% cotton, preshrunk & colourfast
- Imported from Zambia, width 112cm to 115cm 

An unusual and fun "Ethnic Wax" African print from Zambia on 100% cotton. It would be equally good for making fabulous clothing or accessories.

The listing is for one metre. Use the drop down menu to order more than one metre and it will come in one continuous piece up to a maximum 5m length. If you order over 5m, it will not come in one continuous piece.

The manufacturing process includes waxing the fabric to ensure colour fastness and as such, it can seem quite stiff. This disappears after it is washed. Some people prefer to wash the fabric before using it. Personally I like to work with it and then wash the finished article.

Widths -   hearts = 112cm - shoes & pearl effects = 114cm, tribal = 115cm