Pirate & Pixie Characters

Pirate & Pixie Characters

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'Birthday Pirate' reads 'Aarrr! It's time for fun and time to play so let's celebrate your special day! Happy Birthday Pirate .............. with a shiver me timbers from .................'

'Pirate Son' reads 'Aye Aye me son Captain .................! Being with you is always fun. I Love you and all you do. I'm so lucky to have a son like you!'

'Pirate Grandson' reads ' Ahoy there me Grandson..............! I think of you everyday. You make me smile when we're together. I love you, your my treasure!' 

'Pirate to Personalise' reads '................ Aaarr! Im a pirate, that I be! I sail me ship upon the sea. Shiver me timbers! I'm so clever I like finding buried treasure!'

'Worry Pixie' reads ‘I am here especially for you …………….., to share and tell your worries to. I will listen to what you say then will take your worries away.’

Once upon a time in a magical land not to far away (called Brighton) lived a girl called Louise, who dreamt of creating unique and lovely products which were pretty and pink yet ethical and fairly produced.

She had a 1st class degree in Textile design and over 15 years in design and buying experience for many High Street retailers. She had plans of creating her own business for many years and in 2006 finally took a leap of fairy faith and Believe You Can was born!

She realised there was a gap in the market for gorgeous girly gifts which were ethically made and not mass produced. She also saw there was a market for Fair Trade products which appeal directly to children (hence the pink and sparkle!) and not the ‘earthy’ products which were available at the time. So the concept of ‘Fair Trade fairies’ was created.

After many back-packing and also business trips to India she had fallen in love with the colour, creative skills and also the people of this magical country and so decided to find a Fair Trade producer in India. After lots of research, travel and help from the WFTO (World Fair Trade Organisation) she found the perfect producer and in the first year visited them four times to design and develop products, build a strong relationship and also oversee production.

Believe You Can is primarily a wholesaler and launched at the Top Drawer trade show in January 2007 with just ten fairies. It was an instant success with many retailers placing orders and wanting more fairies. Since then the fairies seem to have magically multiplied, with a touch of Louise’s design skills with more being born each season!

Louise has a sketch book full of many more fairies and other characters yet to come to life so watch this space for new products in  2017!

I have been designed in the U.K. And sourced by Fair Trade producers in India who are paid a far price and have a lovely place to work. They also set up and fund local community projects including two schools, an animal clinic, dentist and an excellent health clinic to help many families in the surrounding rural area. 

Hope you enjoy our fairies as much as they have enjoyed being created!