Gutta Work on Silk (the Serti Technique)  - 8/5

Gutta Work on Silk (the Serti Technique)  - 8/5

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Leader: Gillian Beckman-Findlay

Duration:          1.30pm to 4.30pm

Venue: Coastal Craft Collective, 10 Marine Place, Seaton, Devon, EX12 2QL

Gutta design on silk (also known as the Serti technique) is where a chosen design is outlined with gutta resist using a gutta applicator and nib. Once the gutta resist has dried it acts as a barrier for the Silk paint allowing you to achieve sharply defined borders. 

For this workshop you will be provided with and can keep 50cm x 50cm of silk fabric, an 8” embroidery hoop, a gutta applicator and nib and a tube of gutta resist. 
There will be enough silk fabric for you to create four outlined designs which you can paint at your on convenience. 

You do not need to be able to draw to take part in this workshop. An array of designs will be available from which to chose. It’s just like tracing with a pencil. The only difference is that you use the gutta applicator instead. 

There will be silk painting kits available to purchase on the day at just £6.50 and an assortment of pre gutta outlined designs priced from £5.50.