Richard Woodgate

Artist & Woodcarver

Much of Devon based, Richard’s artwork is inspired by westcountry landscapes and wildlife. Watercolours are painted in the ‘English tradition’ using washes of carefully chosen pigments onto handmade watercolour paper. His watercolours create impressions of the landscape rather than detailed representations. His acrylic pictures are painted onto canvases using various techniques, carefully applying the paint until an almost ‘lifelike’ quality is achieved.

Richard has had no formal artistic training, preferring instead to learn and develop his craft over many years. He regularly passes on these skills and techniques to local art groups, where his enthusiasm and passion for painting is infectious.

Woodcarving is also something that Richard enjoys. He uses mainly native hardwoods such as oak, beech and yew to carve various items; these range from bowls, clocks, vases and heirloom boxes to more quirky things like tree spirits, hiking staffs and painted ring boxes. Each piece carefully worked to bring out the natural beauty of the wood.

By not restricting himself to any one subject, technique or medium, Richard hopes that his work will continue to develop and that anyone who has a piece of his artwork gets as much pleasure from owning it as he did during its production.

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