Malcolm Edwards

Driftwood Artist

In 2007, while resident in Narbonne Plage, S.W. France, I came across a jumble of driftwood on the beach after a violent Mediterranean storm. For some reason this discovery re-awakened an artistic bent I had last entertained years before, when I had eked a living out of book illustrations and portraits of pedigree dogs. Our son's birthday was imminent and so I turned my rusty skills towards making a plaque to hang on the wall of his university bedroom.

Since then I have gone on to create and exhibit all manner of driftwood objects, including mirrors, cupboards, shelves, hearts, plaques, relief pictures, lampstands, T-light holders and hanging decorations. The driftwood I use is all locally sourced and painstakingly collected.

Apart from craft fairs and the like, I have a permanent unit at Lyme Regis Antiques and Crafts Centre and now, here in Seaton. I also accept commissions. Over the past few years my work has ended up in all parts of the U.K. and the world, including one piece in a house not far from Narbonne Plage, where it all began.

Malcolm lives in Bridport.

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