Silk Painting Kits

Gillian Beckman-Findlay

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We have two types of silk painting kit. Both contain enough paint to complete several sun catchers and / or cards.

  1. Paint and pallette set- silk paints, gutta pen and a pallette 
  2. Paint set - silk paints, gutta pen  


The sun catchers are stencilled silk templates stretched onto a round frame,

Large sun catcher diameter 20cm 

Small sun catcher diameter 15cm

Wooden frames - 19.5cm diameter including the frame

The cards are stencilled silk templates with a tri-fold white card.

We have a wider selection of sun catchers and cards for silk painting in our shop.

If you'd like to come in and get some help getting started, you can do silk painting at any of our craft club or holiday drop-in crafting sessions.