Ceramics for Painting - Tealights, Money Banks & Mini Planters

Coastal Craft Collective

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Everything you need to paint a ceramic tealight holder, money bank or mini planter.

The painting kit includes: 8 x 5ml acrylic paint and 1 brush. 

The ceramics for painting are sold separately (UNPAINTED) so you can buy them with or without the paints & brush. They can be decorated with acrylic paints, porcelain paints, Posca pens. (Paint in a pen) or felt tips. We recommend varnishing them after painting to protect them and improve the finish.

Money bank - each comes with a removable plastic stopper. Money slot 35mm x 5mm. Plug base 35mm diameter.

We have lots more ceramics to choose from in our shop - or you can come to one of our drop-in crafting sessions and paint them.

Approx  Dimensions:

Piggy Bank 8cm long x 7cm wide and 7cm high

Camper Van Money Box 10cm long, 5.5cm wide and  7cm high   

Beach Hut Money Box 6cm long x 6.5cm wide x 9cm high

Unicorn Money Box 13cm long x 6cm wide x 13.5cm high

Dinosaur Money Box 9cm long x 8cm wide x 12.5cm high

Toadstool Money Box 9.5cm diameter wide x 12.5cm high

Mermaid Money Box 8cm wide x 8cm long x 13cm high

Lighthouse Money Box 6.5cm diameter at bottom x 12.5cm high